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In time

"Shi Li" is a compact homestay type, it is composed of four 2.4mx4.8m and two 2.4mx2.4m simple box standard modules. The building area is 57.6 square meters, and it is also equipped with two independent 2.4mx mx2.4m terrace.
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   "Time in Time" is a compact bed and breakfast apartment. It consists of four 2.4mx4.8m and two 2.4mx2. The 4m simple box standard modules are composed of a building area of 57.6 square meters, and there are two independent 2.4mx2.4m terraces. "In Time" contains a hall, three rooms and two bathrooms. The building can be used as a single-family villa, including three bedrooms, two bathrooms and two living rooms, and can also be used as a public building and supporting rooms for a guest house group. The entire building designer uses white metal paint on the acrylic-like wall. The bottom of the building wall is equipped with a light strip. The wall light strip can spread through the wall at night, and the night effect is unforgettable.

   floor plan

   three-dimensional size map

  Main elevation

  left elevation

  Back elevation view

  right elevation

  right view