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About us

Jane-Box Construction Technology is a construction space builder based on its own construction industry 4.0 technology. We use our self-developed building technology to make the traditional complex building design, manufacturing and construction process simple, fast and reduce costs through patented technology and Internet platforms.

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Jane-Box is opposed to Katerra invested by SoftBank, but the difference is that Jane-Box relies on a complete set of self-owned intellectual property construction The technology has created an Internet platform for the construction industry 4.0. Through this platform, any designer, factory and installation team using simple box technology can efficiently collaborate to meet the individual needs of customers and meet the industrial production, thereby bringing comfort and Cost-effective construction products and construction space. The simple box technology can be 4 times the transportation efficiency of traditional modular buildings and can be demolished many times. It can turn real estate into financial leasing assets, bringing a new financing model and business model to the construction industry. Jane-Box is committed to establishing a global construction industry 4.0 Internet platform, connecting designers, authorized factories and contractors around the world, and providing customers all over the world with a variety of personalized building products through Jane-Box technology, bringing unlimited possibilities to architecture and mankind Bring a better life.

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Jianhe is committed to establishing a global construction industry 4.0 Internet platform



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Bring infinite possibilities to architecture and create a better life for mankind