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Wuyuan "Guoqi"-Wangshan

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  "Guoqi" Wuyuan Homestay Project is located in Zhang Village, Sikou Town, Wuyuan County, Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province. The project was officially launched in March this year Determine the implementation of the plan design, trial operation at the end of June, the entire design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning time is 3 months. The project contains a public space and 5 guest rooms, consisting of 4 independent houses. The entire project is constructed using simple box rapid construction technology. Without any construction machinery on site, the average construction time for each house is 7 days. The entire construction process does not require water, and there is very little dust pollution, which has minimal impact on the local environment. . 4 The houses are of different shapes, fully demonstrating the ability of Jane Box to bring customers personalized solutions under the premise of factory standard manufacturing. The entire homestay project is also equipped with solar power generation systems, house intelligent control systems and sewage treatment systems, which can minimize the negative impact on the local environment and live in harmony with the natural environment. "Forget Mountain" is composed of three 3x3m simple box non-standard modules. The bathroom is equipped with a bathtub and floor-to-ceiling windows for viewing. You can enjoy the fun of bathing while enjoying the scenery of nature. There are large floor-to-ceiling windows on both sides of the bedroom bed, and the natural scenery will wake up with you every morning.