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Iceland Travel Lodge

Release time : 2021-02-22

Source : Shanghai Jane-Box Construction Technology Co., Ltd.

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Iceland is rich in terrain and unique climate, and its sky and land are constantly changing. Heima is a series of travel cabins built in remote areas of Iceland. Its design respects Iceland's precious terrain and extraordinary natural beauty. It falls into the landscape in a light and sensitive form. It is awarded the third prize in the Icelandic travel cabin competition.
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The facade of the cottage adopts the color close to the environment extracted from the misty and changing climate of Iceland. The panel material is polycarbonate, which makes the whole building appear fuzzy and illusory, reminiscent of the steaming fountains and the cloud-filled sky of Iceland . At the same time, this translucent polycarbonate shell makes the interior space open to nature, and the enlarged volume of the cabin brings in the beautiful skylight of Iceland.





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